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About | Stack company

Stack company

Stack company works in the computer market of Saratov more than 16 years.

For this time we have established strong partnership relations with leading manufacturers of computer hardware and software.

Stack Electronics provides the following services:

  • Complex automated solutions of operative, accounting control and management of enterprises;
  • Installation and service support of computer programs;
  • Tuning of computer programs upon demands of customers;
  • Development of computer software for financial activity, accounting in particular, for different types of enterprises;
  • Development of computer systems, networks, phone systems;
  • Distribution of computers, computer hardware, multimedia, office equipment.

Our company has always worked as a reliable and constant partner, we successfully work all over the territory of Saratov, Engels, Saratov Region.

The customers of the firm are state enterprises, private enterprises and individuals. Our firm has opened computer shop for individual customers in the center of the city.

The success of our company develops on the basis of different factors:

  • Constant availability of wide range of the goods in warehouses;
  • The competitive prices;
  • Presence of a delivery service;
  • Observance of terms of delivery;
  • Realizations of the marketing programs and interrogations stimulating purchase;
  • Information-technical and service support of the equipment and software;
  • Presence of a web-site;
  • Reputation of our company;
  • Convenience and flexibility of conditions of partnership;
  • We appreciate attention and like our clients.

Department of retail trade, modern warehouse, department of computers assembling, service centre, precise, harmonious work of all divisions, operative information, and main, individual approach to the customer enable our clients to make really favourable purchases and to obtain the reliable partner.

You can order a unique configuration of the computer, get a qualified advice of the managers on desirable computer configuration and office engineering or chose optimum (price - quality - performance) variant of construction of a network.

Our company renders consulting services in automation of activity of the enterprises, in statement of the computer administrative, accounting and industrial account at the enterprise.

We make adaptation of software under specificity of the account at the enterprise.

We render information and technical support of projects of automation.

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